Is Wellington The Coollest Little Capital?

So admittedly, I’ve not lived in many capital cities, in fact Wellington is my first and only one.

I used to be against the hectic lifestyle of the cramped commute and queues for days. But now, there are a bunch of reasons why I love living in one!

Living in New York for a few months taught me I’d never be a city chic at heart. As much fun as it was, I knew I was destined to be a tourist and not a local there. So when I was looking to move to New Zealand, I knew what I was looking for.


Why Wellington?

A city I could walk around in but not feel lost in a crowd, was high up in my hit list. When I saw a few articles comparing Wellington to San Francisco and how much of a liveable city it was, I was sold. It was also near the water, another big bonus. Moving from San Francisco I didn’t want to miss my walks along the beach towards the Golden Gate bridge too much and wanted to find an alternative in my new home. Luckily, Wellington could give me this alternative with it’s beautiful Oriental Parade.

IMG_0820Wellington Harbour

Having lived in Wellington for over 3 years, has it lived up to everything I wished for?

Honestly, I think it has! I do love this city, it’s small enough for you to roam around in and see people you know. But large enough to escape in a cafe without the whole neighbourhood knowing your every move. A trip to the countryside or beach is a short drive away and having wineries just over the hill doesn’t hurt either.

As much as this city is fantastic and it’s important to celebrate its strengths. As most liveable city in the world 2017, it’s got a lot to celebrate! There is a catch. Finding rental accommodation sucks, especially at the moment. Competition is high and prices go right up with it. If you do manage to find a reasonably priced place you’re likely to need a commute from further afield. Or you may suffer from an all too common damp problem when winter rolls around. Thinking of Buying? Lets not even go there.


So what’s the Weather like?

You may also be surprised by the weather, like the locals say, “There’s nothing like Wellington on a good day”. Which is so true! Gorgeous views out over the harbour, birds are chirping in the botanical gardens and taking drive to a cafe round the bays to for a coffee off the beaten path is such a relaxing way to spend your Sunday Morning. Just know that good days are not as regular as you might think. I own an umbrella but have used it twice since I moved here. It really is a windy city and if cold, windy weather gets you down. Wellington may not be the place for you. I’m a hot chocolate, blanket and laptop kind of gal during the winter months so suits me fine.


If you’re thinking of moving to Wellington or coming to stay here for a long vacation. This wonderful city may be small but really does have a lot to offer. We may not get the biggest stars visiting, have any night clubs as such or a huge population. But this tiny city is packed with adventures if you take some time to discover them.


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