Everything You Need To Know About Bordeaux Wine Museum, La Cité du Vin

Wondered what a Wine Museum could be keeping inside? This guide will walk you through my experience and why I loved this museum so much.

All you need to know about Bordeaux's latest attraction, la cite du vin wine museum.
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Why You NEED To Go?

First of all, I’m sure you don’t need much persuading to make some time for a museum all about wine. Just incase, I’ll run through a few reason with ya! Shaped as a decanter on the riverside. It really stands out from the crowd as a first class modern museum and inside doesn’t disappoint!

Your ticket includes an audio guided tour of the museum with a tasting in the gallery at the top of the building.

Whats Inside?

I wont go into TOO many secrets, you really should go see it for yourself, but here’s a brief run down. The museum is split into different sections which you can walk through at your leisure. You can take as much time as you need in each area with the audio guide.



As you can see, it’s a pretty good piece of modern tech! As you drift between each section you  can scan the codes to activate the guide which will tell you all about that particular piece. They’re available in multiple languages and the friendly staff will set it all up for you and show you the ropes.


This isn’t all that up to the minute technology. One of my favourite sections included interviews with wine makers divided up by country. It was great to see New Zealand wine maker represented here and listen to them talk about their passion. I also listened to many other regions, mostly places I’d been like Italy and Australia. Of course the French one was super popular but many of you can share the attraction so you should be able to squeeze in.




Another fantastic section I spent a lot of time in is the buffet of five sense, designed to walk you through the key principles of wine tasting. Awakening your sense plays a big part in this section and by using a wider range of everyday foods and familiar smells. They’ve made an addictively interactive display to make wine tasting fun and educational.

The last section I wanted to highlight is the history of wine. Again, using really modern technology to portray a potentially boring subject into an engaging experience for adults and children alike. Which bring me to the next section…

Wait But Is A Wine Museum Child Friendly?

YES! Those audio guides I talked you through before? They also have a kid friendly mode in . multiple languages. Now I didn’t get a chance to have a play myself, but from what I could tell the kids there loved using these to scan the different sections and play with the interactive experiences.

The Wine Tasting

Obviously, after all that learning you deserve a glass of vino! As part of your ticket you can enjoy a glass on the house in the gallery upstairs. From here you can see Bordeaux from 360 views. I think theres probably a little bit of work around the museum that will brighten the place up, currently it seems to be an old industrial estate. Nonetheless it was interesting to see Bordeaux and enjoy a view with my wine!


The Extra Bits

As well as the permanent tour and gallery the museum also has a restaurant and wine shop featuring spectacular wine from all over the world. I didn’t get a chance to eat at the restaurant but I did take a peek around the store. I even managed to find some new Zealand wines from Martinborough, a regular spot of mine for tastings!


Ticket Information

At the time of writing (2017) the tickets are 20EURO per adult and 9EURO per child. This includes the permanent tour and a glass of wine to enjoy in the rooftop gallery. The Cite du Vin website hold the most up to date information. They also host special events throughout the year which look amazing, I wish I had time to check one out but just means I’ll have to go back 😉

Getting There

The museum is really easy to get to!. I got the tram which rides around the city very regularly and stops only a couple of minutes walk to the entrance of the museum. I ended up walking back, which depending on where you’re heading to, doesn’t seem to far away. It was a lovely way to see some more of the city and soak up a little sunshine


My favourite part about the La Cite du Vin is how engaging it is, teaching many who may have found wine tasting intimidating that they can jump straight in. Enjoying wine isn’t for the rich and snobby, it’s for everybody.


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Been to the museum yourself? I’d love to hear you experience in the comments below.

11 thoughts on “Everything You Need To Know About Bordeaux Wine Museum, La Cité du Vin”

  1. Ever since I read about this museum opening I have been dying to go! It sounds like it’s everything you’d ever want in a wine museum, I wonder how the food in the on-site restaurant is! Pity about the view, but hopefully they’ll spruce up the surroundings soon.

  2. I would love to go! Especially the section in which you can learn about wine tasting sounds interesting, as I am often really bad in telling the differences. And I really loved Bordeaux (the wine and the city!) and would go back there anytime. So I have one more thing to do next time – Visiting the wine museum. Thank you for sharing this! 🙂

  3. This is definitely on my bucket list because I love wine. That is so nice (and surprising) that they have made it child friendly! Good thing they save the wine tasting for last.

  4. I’ve never been to a wine museum or tasting so sounds fun! Also never been to Bordeaux so if i’m gonna go there, I will check it out for sure! Did you discover any new wine favourites?

  5. I’ve never been to wine museum before but this one looks so modern, I’d love to go to it! Not sure if I’d pay 20 euro though, would probably prefer to taste wine instead haha! It’s good you get to taste it at the end though. The big shop full of wine looks like my kinda shop 😉 great post!

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