About Me


Hi, I’m Fay or the Almost Kiwi πŸ‘‹

Fay, The Almost Kiwi

If you love to explore new places, eat great food and do a little wine tasting while your at it. You in the right place! The Almost Kiwi is a travel blog will bring you a few new destinations to add to your bucket list, I hope 😜.


The Girl Behind The Blog

Originally from Beverley, a little town in Yorkshire. I packed my bags back in 2011 and haven’t looked back. I’ve been lucky enough to experience living in multiple cities like New York, San Francisco and now the coolest capital in the world, Wellington NZ. However, my travels started long before I left the UK. Me and my Mum have a joke, we must have been gypsies in a past lifeΒ because we’re always looking to be on the move and find thatΒ next trip away. Growing up my parents would love to whisk me away almost every school holiday. Either overseas or in the caravan around England, I’d been a fair few places in my time even before I left home for Uni.

But enough about my younger years, now my travel life consists of some pretty amazing trips within New Zealand with a splash of overseas thrown in. Having been on the move for 4 years I’ve found a place I like to call home, New Zealand. Being at the end of the world has it’s disadvantages for someone like me wanting to jet off on a regular basis. It’s a good job this is such an amazing, untouched country to explore.


Wait So Why Am I Here?

This blog aims to give you inspiration and motivation to visit some excitingΒ places around the world from a female perspective. Whether a budget backpacker or looking for a splash of luxury, my belief is travel how you feel comfortable. That way you’ll be sure to get the most of your adventures and experience.

So make yourself at home, grab a coffee and settle in to learn some more about a girl with a true nomadic heart and her adventures so far.


Not sure where to get started?

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